Online supporting tools for Advising (Poster P1)

Presenters: Tomoko Hoshi and Yuko Momata, Kanda University of International Studies, Japan

This poster, made by two administrative staff in a self-access centre at a university in Japan, will showcase two online administrative tools that support advising. Two tools are: (1) an online reservation system which allows students to reserve learning advisors, and (2) an online registration process for registering self-directed learning modules. The poster consists of an explanation on the rationale behind the system, and data comparing the current and old (paper-based) system. The poster will also contain some reflections and solutions based on the presenters’ experience in working at a self-access centre to make the systems more successful. The poster presentation will be of interest to centre coordinators and administrative staff at current self-access centres or those who are considering implementing a more efficient system.


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