Building a framework of advising discourse: an evolving model (Poster P2)

Presenter: Tanya McCarthy, Kanda University of International Studies

Although language advising continues to grow steadily within the field of EFL, there still remains a lack of research which identifies the unique language that makes up the discourse of advising. In this study, the researcher aimed to identify distinguishing features that encompassed language advising at Kanda University of International Studies (KUIS) in order to try and develop a taxonomy of skills representative of the discourse used in this context. The researcher examined literature from person-centered counseling, coaching, teaching and therapeutic discourse to assist in building the framework. A corpus of advising discourse consisting of 20 transcripts (approximately 60,000 words) from eight learning advisors was created and through transcript analysis, common patterns emerged to help identify a structure within the advisor-learner dialog. Through this study, the researcher hoped to highlight the need for further research and development in the area of discourse analysis in order to enhance advisor training programs and contribute to further growth of the advising profession.

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