A personalized language learning planner to foster self-directed learning (Poster P8)

Presenters: Satoko Kato and Hisako Sugawara, Kanda Institute of Foreign Languages, Japan

This poster presentation introduces the soon-to-be-published personalized day planner which supports learners in developing effective language learning habits. This language learning tool shows its uniqueness in the following ways: 1) It is not just a calendar-based planner, but covers the basic concepts of self-directed language learning by guiding learners through an in-depth self-reflective process for a duration of 12 months, 2) A separate booklet is attached where in learning strategies are sorted out by learning goals, and 3) It is supported by a website which allows learners to download materials to manage their learning (goal-setting materials, task lists, study log sheets, etc.). The website also introduces ideas for language learning and shows sample learning plans categorized by learning goals. The planner, together with the separate booklet and the website, can be used as an advising tool to support learners who want to establish good habits in language learning.


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