Advising for Learner and Teacher Autonomy in the CARL Community (Poster P9)

Presenter: Hideo Kojima, Hirosaki University, Japan

Today, Japanese teachers of English as a foreign language (EFL) are strongly expected to promote students’ communicative competence and autonomy in the learning-centered classroom. This study examined to what extent the process of my assisting a lower secondary school teacher (Teacher A) in his reflective teaching cycles was effective in promoting learner and teacher autonomy. Teacher A was required to open his class at an annual conference for secondary school EFL teachers. I advised him 1) to reconsider the characteristics of his students, 2) to increase learner involvement in organizing the learning process, 3) to implement cooperative, autonomous, and reflective learning (CARL), and 4) to teach learning strategies. The results showed the effect of my advising through negotiation and interaction on the students’ growth and Teacher A’s professional development. I will continue studying the potential of advising to promote self-directed learner and teacher development in different communities of learning/practice.



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