Advising using parenting skills (Poster P6)

Presenter: Yuki Hasegawa, Kanda University of International Studies, Japan

Language advising is an area where skills from different fields such as counseling, coaching, and teaching come together in order to help students to become autonomous learners. To add to the area, the presenter introduces the concept of parenting to the field. More specifically, the concept of STAR Parenting proposed by Crary (2006) was looked into and modified to fit to the students at Kanda University of International Studies (KUIS). The concept of STAR Parenting aims to help children to become independent by helping them to make responsible choices on their own. This has led the presenter to make connection to the concept of learner autonomy and also with the language advising service that is offered at KUIS. The concept of STAR Parenting is constructed with five components which are as follows: “Respond to cooperation”, “Acknowledge feelings”, “Set limits”, “Teach new skills”, and “Avoid problems”. There are three skills introduced in each area. The presenter looked into each category and skills. Then, modified the skills where needed to fit to the students who were taking on an independent learning course. The skills from the concept were used in face-to-face advising sessions and also in written feedback to the students’ work. Participants to this poster session will gain new ideas to use the skills from the concept of STAR Parenting both in their classrooms and in advising sessions through examples of students’ responses from the study.

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