Effective approaches for promoting advising services in a self-access learning center (Poster P4)

Presenters: Herman Bartelen, Satoko Kato, Hisako Sugawara, Anthony diGiulio, Sueko Eilers, Haruko Sekiya and Akira Fukuoka, Kanda Institute of Foreign Languages

This poster presentation introduces the advising services provided at a self-access learning center in a two-year language college, and the center’s successful approach to promoting and encouraging students to use these services. Since its inauguration, the number of students using the advising service has been steadily increasing, due mainly to the following: 1) two orientation workshops on self-directed language learning, 2) an orientation video which all first year students watch, and 3) brochures and posters to advertise the services. This presentation not only describes the details of each approach but also sheds light on our new attempt to promote our advising services through collaboration with regular classroom teachers. This presentation will look at the above approaches as well as feedback from students, teachers and staff. By providing the above information, the presenters wish to share their model for promoting advising services and for encouraging and supporting learner autonomy.


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Filed under Context-related issues for advising, Japan, poster

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