Making the Move: Transitioning from Teaching to Advising (Poster P3)

Presenter: Elizabeth Lammons, Kanda University of International Studies, Japan.

This poster presentation will showcase a new learning advisor’s first-person narrative about moving from teaching to advising. Pavlenko and Lantolf (2000) suggest first-person narratives can be an aspect of research that reveals information that cannot be uncovered through more traditional approaches to research.The presenter will reflect on her most recent role as a teacher and her current role as an advisor. The presentation will contain excerpts from the learning advisor’s blog “First Steps in Learning Advising”. Further, formal professional development feedback, feedback from advisees, and informal and formal discussions about advising and learning advising training sessions will be used to inform about the professional growth of a first time learning advisor. Essentially, there are two questions the presenter is seeking to answer: What was my role as a teacher? What is my role as an advisor? Hopefully sharing this experience with other practitioners will encourage them to reflect and share their growth in the field in order to foster dialogue about professional development and the importance of building relationships with colleagues, communities of practice, and students.

Poster Handout


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