Steps in Advising College Students Learn EFL Autonomously (Poster P11)

Presenter: Reima Al-Jarf, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

To help students improve their English autonomously, they are advised to practice English independently, out of class using several technologies. The advisor helps students set a plan for their self-study and build a weekly and monthly study schedule. The students may find a native-speaking partner online, use MP3 lessons, watch TV or online videos, use a text-to-speech software, read simplified novels, EFL students’ online magazines and ebooks, use a blog or a discussion forum, English internet websites to develop their grammar and vocabulary and online tests to assess their progress themselves. The self-study is tailored to each student’s needs, proficiencyl level and skill to be developed. The advisor responds to queries and provides technical support, and demonstrates how the technologies and websites can be used. The students keep a weekly log of their progress and respond to an end-of-semester survey about areas of improvement and weaknesses of their self-study experience.


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