Advising – examples from New Zealand contexts (Virtual Presentation V6)

Presenters: Kerstin Dofs (CPIT, Christchurch)  and Moira Hobbs (Unitec, Auckland), New Zealand

These presenters come from the largest tertiary technological institutes in the two main cities and have been working together for several years, with research interests in the field of autonomy, self-access and advising. They both manage self-access centres which have an aim of fostering learner autonomy and have experience of advising activities both within their centres and in collaboration with their respective language schools.

In this presentation they will take you on a whirlwind tour of the country as they describe some of the places and forms of advising that are in evidence around New Zealand, largely from the perspective of specialist language advisors, but also including examples of peer support.  They will also outline the philosophical backdrop for advising today in terms of positioning and support from the language schools and the institutes as a whole.

Prezi online presentation


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