Advising for learner autonomy: A dynamic model with descriptors (Virtual Presentation V5)

Maria Giovanna Tassinari, Freie Universität Berlin, Sprachenzentrum, Germany

At the beginning of every self-directed learning process there should be an assessment of learners’ readiness and competences for learner autonomy. The dynamic model of learner autonomy is a tool designed in order to support this self-assessment and to help both learners and advisers to focus on relevant aspects of the learning process. The dynamic model accounts for cognitive, metacognitive, action-oriented and affective components of learner autonomy and provides descriptors of attitudes, competencies and skills of language learners. It is dynamic in order to allow learners to focus on their own needs and goals. The model ( has been validated by experts and tested with students, advisors and teachers. It is currently used at the self-access centre of the Language Centre, Freie Universität Berlin. In a virtual presentation we will have a look at how the dynamic model can be integrated into language advising for self-directed learning processes.

Audio (click “download”) Handout


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One response to “Advising for learner autonomy: A dynamic model with descriptors (Virtual Presentation V5)

  1. This is a very interesting, clear presentation about the dynamic model of autonomy ! Congratulations, Giovanna !

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