Another string to my bow: from language teachers to learning advisors (Virtual Presentation V10)

Presenter: Brian R Morrison, Kanda University of International Studies, Japan

Although learning advisors are often qualified teachers, the skills they apply, such as those discussed by Kelly (1996), require a significant shift in approach regarding interaction with students. As teachers reorient themselves to advising, their role changes quite markedly from teaching language to advising on learning (Mozzon-McPherson, 2001). This challenging move requires professional development training to support and ease the alteration of professional roles (Hafner & Young, 2007). As part of the professional development for advisors at Kanda University of International Studies (KUIS) in Japan, advisors undertake a series of ‘observations’ where they record and reflect on advising sessions. The reflection is written up and discussed with a more experienced advisor. An analysis of these reflections was recently carried out at KUIS with a view to identify common themes which provide important insights and practical implications for potential advisors and those providing professional support to new advisors. The findings of the study will be presented and suggestions offered and invited to ease and support the transition from teacher to advisor.


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