Learning How to Learn: Advising language learners throughout a course (Virtual Presentation V7)

Presenters: Steve T. Fukuda and Hiroshi Sakata, University of Tokushima, Japan

The Learning How to Learn Worksheet (LHTL) was designed for implementation in a 15-week course at the tertiary level. It has an objective of equipping students with self-coaching skills to ensure more effective and continuous learning inside and outside of class. It accomplishes this by providing the learner with a primer in second language acquisition, as well as, guiding the learner in a step-by-step fashion in setting learning goals and creating weekly learning plans. During the course, peer support groups as well as the teacher conducted advising sessions centered on reflection of learning goals and plans, while gaining ideas from each other to create a more effective weekly learning plan to ensure continuous learning. Finally, survey data has shown that a course design based on the LHTL Worksheet ensures increased study time outside of class as well as an increase in students’ intrinsic motivation.


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