Using Peer Feedback and CAL to promote language learning: Tertiary Emirati Student Study (Virtual Presentation V8)

Presenter: Kimberly Bunts- Anderson, Zayed University, Dubai, UAE

This paper reports on a class-based study of 18 ESL Male Emirati ESL tertiary students use of Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) and participation in peer feedback activities encouraged language learning awareness. The project task was to complete an assigned collaborative academic essay and media presentation on Islamic Architecture in four weeks. Time restraints to complete the assignment were quite restrictive thus classroom interactions and small group discussions naturally extended outside to virtual dialogues using Black Berry messaging, emails and blogs. Essential to the ongoing learner assessment and final peer-evaluations of completed projects was the use of CAL tools: Safe Assign (plagiarism), White Smoke (grammar), Google Docs (interactive writing) and Survey Monkey (online surveys). The writer describes key concepts and theory then highlights significant academic language that emerged. Results of data collected in surveys and reflective diaries are discussed. The presentation concludes with a brief illustration of students’ work.


Prezi online presentation


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Filed under Peer advising, Technology tools, UAE, Virtual presentation

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