ALMS Counselling: Research and Practice (Virtual Presentation V1)

Presenters: Felicity Kjisik, Leena Karlsson and Satu Von Boehm, University of Helsinki, Finland.

In our virtual workshop we will tell stories about and from ALMS Counselling. The stories will cover our past, present and future understandings of ALMS research and practice. We will give a brief talk on the history and philosophy of the language counselling we engage in. We will also give an account of (collaborative) practitioner-research in ALMS focusing in particular on research ethics and narrative as a method. The third input in the workshop will be a presentation of the counselling approach, based on learning histories, that we have developed, researched and used for ten years. We will describe how either the electronic reflection tool Kaleidoscope or students’ first-person free-form texts can be incorporated in the face-to-face counselling to help and support students when they plan their personal study programmes. We hope to show how our ALMS research and practice are complementary. (Autonomous Learning Modules, a Helsinki University Language Centre credit-bearing English programme)

Handout   Audio   ALMS     Kaleidoscope


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