Getting it right – Issues and Challenges in Setting up a Language Advising Service (Virtual Presentation V2)

Presenter: Helen Lavender, Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong

This presentation will report on how exploratory practice was used to discover the practical, pedagogical and professional development needs of setting up language advising. The project, carried out at a Hong Kong tertiary institution, involved one advisor and 7 students working together over a period of 4 months. During this time, the students received learner training, engaged in individual and group advising conversations with the advisor and kept learner records. Data was gathered from recordings of the conversations, the students’ learner records, the advisor’s reflections on the project and a focus group meeting conducted by a research assistant. The project data showed that overall the advising conversations had proved useful to the students both in terms of helping them become more independent and of supporting language proficiency development. However, the project also offered insights into the systems and support necessary to implement advising, in terms of pedagogy, practicality and professional development.


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