Development of a Junior College Advising and Self-Access Program: Study Skills (Talk T9)

Presenters: Bob Gettings and Kyoko Morikoshi, Hokusei Gakuen University, Japan

An academic advising program for junior college English majors in northern Japan was established in 2003. The program included self-access language learning web applications and a writing lab with salaried tutors. Students meet with a faculty member three times a semester to set personal language learning goals. The students evaluate their language learning needs and identify the types of independent study that match these needs. They set up a study plan and evaluate the success of the plan in the following meeting. Problems that arose such as, a diversity of approaches to the program by staff, the language of the interviews, the method of evaluation of the Study Skills class, absenteeism by students, scheduling interviews, development of self-access materials and the development of tools to guide the advising process will be described. In particular, student reactions and the use web based (Moodle) tools for managing the program will be explored.

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Filed under Context-related issues for advising, Dialogue and discourse of advising, Japan, Talk

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