Difficulties of classroom-based advising (Talk T2)

Mehmet Boyno, Sahinbey AKTML, Turkey , Eyyup Akıl, University of Gaziantep, Turkey, Ferhat Dolaş, University of Vienna, Austria

Advising is a crucial component of the concept of autonomy. In theory, lots of things are mentioned to assign advisor teachers with several duties. Still occupying the central place of the advising issue, even teachers with theoretical knowledge may fail to nurture autonomous EFL learners. Some points in terms of learners, the education system, fellow teachers, administrators and parents should also be taken into consideration for advising to be successful. As researchers teaching English at a high school, we have been trying to act as advisors instead of a chalk-and-talk teachers for some time. There have been lots of things preventing the advising process. During this presentation, we will talk about the process and the problems encountered.

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