Encouraging learner autonomy through peer feedback in the writing classroom (Workshop W1)

Presenter: Jennie Roloff-Rothman, Kanda University of International Studies, Japan

Peer feedback is crucial for managing group dynamics, empowering effective writing and developing learner autonomy. By reflecting on the writing process and peer work, learners can improve their own writing skills while supporting that same development in their classmates. This support helps create a safe, mutually beneficial environment-a community of writers-where learning can flourish. This workshop introduces tools for fostering autonomy in writing to demonstrate that peer advising can be supported within the classroom as well as outside of it. Participants will experience the process from both the perspective of the adviser and learner by engaging with sample essays as well as peer reflection worksheets. Following that, the workshop will review genuine end of term student reflection which illustrate the effectiveness of peer advising in writing. The workshop will conclude with participants reflecting on the applicability of the demonstrated writing materials to their own contexts and sharing their own ideas for promoting peer feedback in the writing classroom.

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