How a learner changed: linguistic evidence of metacognitive awareness in advising sessions (Talk T18)

Presenter: Hisako Sugawara, Kanda Institute of Foreign Languages, Japan

In advising sessions, Learning Advisors try to help learners achieve their learning goals not by giving them to do list, but by fostering learner autonomy through dialogues in advising sessions. A case study was conducted with a learner at a two-year language focused institute in Japan to observe how the learner will grow as an autonomous learner through the course of multiple advising sessions. The learner came to advising sessions voluntarily more than 50 times in the two years she was at school. This study focused on the first 17 advising sessions that took place in 6 months. The recordings of the 17 advising sessions, learning log and surveys were collected for analysis. This presentation will focus on the linguistic evidence of the development of learner’s metacognitive awareness and look at how the learner changed and began to take control of her learning.

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