Learning autonomy and getting better at English at the same time (Talk T6)

Presenter: Stacey Vye, Saitama University, Japan

When learners take control of their own learning, the phenomenon helps increase meaningful engagement in the language while reducing a need for tight reigns of control by the advisor. However, what about the learners’ language improvement? Will there be language proficiency gains along with increased learner autonomy? This one year study in progress is made possible by a grant provided by The Japanese Ministry of Education and Technology (MEXT) that attempts to clarify how 20 students at Saitama University’s English Language Center (ERC) learn and improve in English autonomously with collaborative support from peers and the advisor. Subsequently, the pre and post test scores of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) will be correlated with an illuminative evaluation revealing data about how, when, and what the students do to learn English. In addition, how they choose to involve their peers and advisor in their study plans will be explained.

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