Looking into interactions in peer advising sessions on independent learning (Talk T10)

Presenter: Yukiko Ishikawa, Soka University, Japan

This qualitative study was conducted in order to explore interactions in peer advising sessions on independent study. The data was collected through observation, documents, and interviews with a student advisor, who just received training and started advising peers. The data was transcribed and coded for close analysis. The study revealed that the advice which the student advisor gave to peers is much influenced by her own language study experience; especially grammar focused study and time management methods. Also, the data suggested a number of interesting observations; the advisor’s awareness of what she had been trained, feeling of relatedness between peers, conflict between being strict and being generous, etc. In this presentation, the presenter will show the areas where the student advisor’s own belief was most reflected in her advising. Other observations in the data will also be demonstrated. The presentation will conclude with discussion of issues on training peer advisors.

Download MP3 audio file


Download PDF version of the presentation slides


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