Professional Development for Learning Advisors: Facilitating the intentional reflective dialogue (Talk T15)

Presenter: Satoko Kato, Kanda Institute of Foreign Languages, Japan

This presentation reports on a study which explored how “intentional reflective dialogue” with an interlocutor can deepen Learning Advisors’ (LAs’) reflective learning in terms of their professional development. As one of the key roles of LAs in self-directed language learning is to activate learners’ reflective learning processes, it is worthwhile for LAs to experience reflective learning process themselves as a part of their professional development program. Eight LAs, with experience ranging from one to three years, participated in this study. Each had two interviews with the interlocutor (the presenter). Although most of the LAs usually reflect on themselves and have conversations about advising with colleagues, the reflective dialogue which was intentionally structured for training purpose resulted in LAs being engaged in a different type of self-reflective approach. The results of the study and the future possibility for developing an on-going LA training program will be discussed in the presentation.

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