Translanguaging in self-access language advising: Informing language policy (Talk T8)

Presenters: John Adamson and Naoki Fujimoto-Adamson, University of Niigata Prefecture, Japan

This presentation investigates talk between language advisors and students in a university self access learning center in Japan and how it informs language policy in the center. Its initial ‘English-only’ language policy has shifted to one in which “translanguaging” (Creese & Blackledge, 2010, p. 105) between Japanese and English now predominates in advisory sessions. Qualitative data from advisory sessions, mentor interviews and student questionnaires reveal that translanguaging encourages “local, pragmatic coping tactics” (Lin, 2005, p. 46) and that the mentors’ strategic code-switching presents them as plurilingual “near peer role models” (Murphey, 1996) among students. Despite these positive findings, data also reveals that some students want mentors to enforce monolingual language rules, and others may feel “guilt” (Setati et al, 2002, p.147) when using Japanese. Conclusions imply that the translanguaging of self-access center advisory sessions is helping to create a valid alternative to the ‘English only’ policy commonly seen in classrooms.

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Filed under Dialogue and discourse of advising, Japan, Talk

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