What Factors Bring Students to Our Self-Access Center? (Talk T5)

Presenters: Leander Hughes, Stacey Vye, Adriana Edwards Wurzinger and Nathan Krug, Saitama University, Japan

The Saitama University English Resource Center (ERC) is a growing self-access center, which has seen a dramatic increase in both its regular participants and its funding over the past three years. As a result of the interaction with the recent population of attendees and the reevaluation of our advising practices, and in order to continue the expansion of the center and better serve the visiting student population, the advising team set out to study the factors that motivate students to become regular ERC participants. Specifically, the study focuses on the factors that lead to learners’ initial discovery of the ERC, their first visit, and their decision to continue attending after that point. In doing so, this study will provide an overview of those advising practices that students independently seek out, and that regularly take place within this active self-access center, including the increased role of peer advising.

Download the presentation from the presenters’ website


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