Advising in language learning: Past and present (Plenary session PL1)

Lucy Cooker, University of Birmingham and Jo Mynard, Kanda University of International Studies

In 2001, the first book on language advising was published in the UK (Mozzon-McPherson & Vismans, 2001) making a significant contribution to this new profession. This was the same year in which the SALC at KUIS opened, and on the tenth anniversary of these two events, the presenters look back at the first advising programme at KUIS, and reflect on developments within the field in the intervening period. The role of advising in language learning is to facilitate learner autonomy and the presenters discuss why this remains such a crucial endeavor for language learners. The presenters then refer to some of the main areas of development in the field – the study of advising discourse, the tools which facilitate the advising process, the contextual factors, advisor identity and learner beliefs – and illustrate how these can be integrated into formal advising programmes in self-access centres, and in classroom teaching.

Audio recording Click “download” (MP3 13 minutes, 37 seconds)


Opening remarks presentation slides


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