Modes of advising in pragmatic space: The dynamics of interaction (Plenary PL2)

Christopher N Candlin, Senior Research Professor Emeritus, Department of Linguistics, Faculty of Human Sciences, Macquarie University, Sydney & Research Consultant, Kanda University of International Studies.

‘Advising’ is not a self sufficient nor a sealed construct. As an emergent activity type in language learning and pedagogy it engages with particular types of discourse and is realised multimodally. It is the product of, and drives, particular interactions. Above all, it flies in what I will call ‘pragmatic space’ where hybridity and negotiation of boundaries is a constant. Accordingly, we should be wary of too clearcut, and perhaps constraining, definitions, preferring rather to accommodate to dynamic and variable boundaries. At the same time the trajectories of ‘Advising’ can be described, interpreted and explained. I will try to do this in this paper.


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