SALC Links

The Self-Access Language Centre (SALC) at Kanda University of International Studies (KUIS) uses three main online platforms for the promotion of the centre’s activities to students and staff both within the university and to the wider community in Japan and internationally.

Please feel free to click on the links below and explore the various ways in which these platforms are used. Please also follow us on Twitter (@elisalc) and join our Facebook group (The SALC & ELI):

1. Let’s Study English Blog

-a blog for students and staff to find out more information about materials and resources in the centre. The site is also used for booking facilities in the SALC, registering for workshops and booking appointments with learning advisors and writing instructors.

2. Twitter (@elisalc)

-our Twitter feed is linked to our blog and offers another outlet for information about new materials, upcoming workshops, study tips etc.

3. The SALC & ELI Facebook Page

-the Facebook page is used similarly to our Twitter feed; to link in with the Let’s Study English blog in order to promote materials, resources and activities happening in and around the SALC. It also allows students to find each other and to post messgaes, pictures etc.