Virtual Presentations

The presenters will not be attending the event in person, but instead (with the help of KUIS students) will present their work virtually during the conference.

Virtual presenters will have a stand in the poster room during the 90 minute poster session. Presenters should provide the conference organisers with instructions for making the content available via an appointed volunteer student liaison. Presenters should try to send all files to their student assistants by November 1st to allow time for testing, printing and copying as necessary.
Suggested ways to present work virtually:

  • a short PowerPoint with key points and/or pictures to run “on a loop” for the duration of the 90 minute poster session (a computer will be provided).
  • a physical poster and handouts
  • a short video clip of a presentation which can be played when delegates visit the stand during the poster session (no more than a few minutes per clip is recommended)
  • an interactive e-poster

Presenters should also be available to answer questions either during the poster session or after the conference.

  • Via the comment box on the website
  • Live text chat during the poster session
  • Skype video call during the poster session
  • E-mail follow-up after the event
  • A comment box/envelope (comments can be sent to the presenter after the event)