The proceedings of the conference takes the form of a special issue of SiSAL Journal (Studies in Self-Access Learning Journal) published in March, 2012. The theme of the issue is “Advising for language learner autonomy”.



As so many suitable papers were submitted, a second publication was published in May, 2012. This publication is an e-book edited by Christian Ludwig and Jo Mynard published by IATEFL.

Further papers appeared in subsequent issues of SiSAL Journal.


2 responses to “Proceedings

  1. John Adamson

    I’m presenting at the conference. Looking at the author guidelines, you have 7articles’ of 3,500 and ‘conference reports’ of 2,000 words – which category would you like presenters to aim for when submiting a paper for the proceedings?

    • Jo Mynard

      Hi John,

      Thanks for your comment! I’m looking forward to seeing you at the conference!

      Presenters can choose to submit a paper for any of the SiSAL categories. For example, if you wanted to submit a full paper – you could submit a 3500 word article. Equally, you could submit a shorter “work in progress” or “summary” piece. People attending the conference (even if they didn’t present) are eligible to submit a paper for the “conference reports” section.

      I have updated the text on this page to (hopefully) make this clearer.

      Best wishes,


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